Coral Safari:

Coral Safari Semi Submarine is one of the best ways to explore the deep seas without getting wet. The crystal clear waters surrounding the North Bay island presents a wonderful opportunity to view the dense coral population surrounding the island, along with hordes of fishes residing in them.

One of the best things about Semi Submarine is that there are no constraints on the level of deep waters it can explore. Unlike Scuba Diving and Glass Bottom Boats, semi-submarine can explore much deeper seas, where you can find unique species of fishes like large tunas and manta rays.

Another great thing to look forward to is the feeling of being underwater. When inside the viewing dorm, you are surrounded by water from all sides, and thanks to the 45º angle of the windows it feels like you are viewing down the glass and seeing even further below, as your view fades into the darkness.

Sudden jumps of large fishes and groups of colorful fishes swarming around the submarine are common during the trip.

The submarine explores the seas around North Bay with specific pinpointed areas, known to have a dense population of fishes and corals. A truly mesmerizing experience to have if you love exploring.

For Kids:

For Kids, the semi-submarine is a once in a lifetime experience. Letting them see the underwater world, which they have never seen before counts for something. Moreover, the number of fishes, both large and small, intrigues, and inspires them. You can expect them to be restless and adventurous during the whole trip.

The Boat:
  • The vessel is called MV Sea Shine and is designed by Subsea Systems, USA, with adequate safety features.
  • The boat is designed to have comfortable Entry and Exit points, that caters to people from all age groups.
  • The viewing dorm is fitted with a comfortable sofa-style seating area with a center table for food and refreshments.
  • The boat is fully Air Conditioned and can house up to 100 people in 1 trip.
  • The viewing glass is thick and inclined at 45, making for a great viewing angle.


Place for Coral Safari in Andaman:

1: North Bay (Port Blair)