Sea Walk in Andaman:

Sea Walk is the most unique and magnanimous experience that you can have in the Andaman Islands. It’s an activity that combines the very best of the scuba diving experience without having to dive and swim constantly.

Imagine getting to walk on the ocean bottom, as if you are walking on the land, without any need to balance or continuous swimming.

You can enjoy a satisfying walk on the ocean bottom, surrounded with live corals up-close, and enjoy the underwater excellence.

Surrounded by hordes of colorful fishes and creatures, you can indulge in the beautiful underwater biodiversity which will make everlasting memories. Feel safe as the instructor would be accompanying throughout. Explore the magnificent world of the coral reefs, colourful fishes and several other marine lives with this 30-minute long activity.

To make the experience evergreen, you will also get a video footage of your whole Sea Walk Venture so you can keep it safe as a wonderful memory and show it to your friends & family.

Best Places for Sea Walk in Andaman:

1: North Bay (Port Blair)

2: Elephanta Beach (Swaraj Dweep)